NAIFA membership is the like what the BBB is to businesses

Financial professionals who join NAIFA adhere to a high code of ethics, put emphasis on continued education and believe in transparency. NAIFA is like what the BBB (Better Business Bureau) is for businesses, but for financial professionals. By choosing to hire a NAIFA member, you know you are getting a quality professional who is looking after your best interest.

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As uploaded on Sep 09, 2022

Member Name Agency/Company City Designation Date Joined Email
Aida McNamara Eagles' Club Encino LUTCF|CSA Jan 01, 1984 Email
Alabel Lavares Wilshire Group Financial Services Los Angeles LUTCF|FSS Jan 01, 1994 Email
Alan Kaye Alan Kaye Insurance Agency, Inc Beverly Hills ChFC|CLU Jan 01, 1973 Email
Aleksander Dyo Profectus Financial Los Angeles Feb 16, 2010 Email
Alvin Parra Strategic Choices Financial South Pasadena May 27, 2014 Email
Andrew McReynolds NYL Glendale May 07, 2010 Email
Andrew Orth NYLIFE Securities LLC Los Angeles Aug 10, 2010 Email
Arin Moradian New York Life Glendale Jul 28, 2022 Email
Armine Davtian New York Life Glendale Feb 17, 2010 Email
Arnold Price Ameritas Los Angeles Jan 01, 1963 Email
Babatope Ajileye Adviceme2 Insurance Solutions Gardena May 17, 2022 Email
Barry Boscoe Brighton Advisory Group Encino Oct 11, 2021 Email
Bartlett Burson New York Life Woodland Hills Nov 04, 2014 Email
Ben Aranda Aranda Insurance and Financial Services Glendale LUTCF Jun 11, 2002 Email
Bobbi Barbera Waddell & Reed, Inc. Canoga Park May 21, 2018 Email
Brad Gore Brad Gore, LUTCF Agoura Hills LUTCF Feb 01, 2010 Email
Brian Lee MassMutual Greater Los Angeles Arcadia ChFC|CFP Jan 01, 1997 Email
Candace Brewington Thrivent Glendale Jun 23, 2022 Email
Chin Sung New York Life Glendale Apr 07, 2010 Email
Chris Castro Transamerica Apr 05, 2022 Email
Chris Huang New York Life El Segundo LUTCF Mar 08, 2000 Email
Christopher Faulk New York Life Canoga Park Feb 17, 2022 Email
Corrine Miron Farmers Insurance Group Valencia LUTCF Jan 04, 2005 Email
Courtney Hobbs El Segundo Jul 22, 2020 Email
Craig Hampton Irvine LUTCF|CFP|CLU Jun 22, 2015 Email
Cynthia Buno American Freedom Ins Sales Glendale Jan 31, 2020 Email
Dan Harutunian Encino Aug 17, 2021 Email
Daniel Yasharel NWF Advisory Group Los Angeles CFP|ChFC|CLU Mar 10, 1998 Email
Daniel Silverman California Family Business Insurance Agency Los Angeles CLU|ChFC Mar 02, 2004 Email
Daniel Fung New York Life/NYLIFE Securities LLC San Dimas Apr 01, 2022 Email
Daralee Barbera Diversified Professional Coaching LLC Long Beach CFP|ChFC|CMFC Apr 30, 2007 Email
David Porter New York Life Burbank CLU Jan 01, 1982 Email
David Brecher Brecher Insurance & Financial Services Los Angeles CPA|ChFC Jan 01, 1993 Email
David Uchansky New York Life Los Angeles Apr 07, 2010 Email
Debra Davila Northwestern Mutual Woodland Hills CLU|CLTC|MBA Jan 01, 1993 Email
Dennis Lawton Independent Beverly Hills CLTC|CLU Jan 01, 1978 Email
Derek Butler LPL Thousand Oaks CCPS|CSA|CWS Jun 20, 2005 Email
Diana Dabach New York Life-568 Woodland Hills LUTCF|CLTC Nov 15, 2004 Email
Diana Greenberg Total Financial & Insurance Services, Inc. Culver City Feb 12, 2021 Email
Diosdado Marcos New York Life San Jose Mar 09, 2010 Email
Donald Varian New York Life Woodland Hills LUTCF|CLU Jan 01, 1971 Email
Donald Like LBW Insurance & Financial Svcs Valencia CLU|ChFC Jan 01, 1970 Email
Donald Jennings National Group Plans Burbank Jan 01, 1995 Email
Donald Fengler New York Life Mission Viejo Jan 01, 1978 Email
Donald Harrington Fraser Financial Group Beverly Hills CFP|ChFC|CLU Jan 01, 1982 Email
Donna Weiser New York Life Woodland Hills Dec 05, 2013 Email
Doug Neet New York Life Westlake Village Jan 01, 1988 Email
Edgar Whitmore Lenox Advisors, Inc. Los Angeles CLU|ChFC Jan 01, 1992 Email
Edward Mehren Northwestern Mutual Los Angeles CLU Jan 01, 1969 Email
Eric Miner Insurance and Finacial Services Newbury Park LUTCF Jan 01, 1988 Email
Ernie Davis Davis Insurance Agency Rancho Mirage Jan 01, 1975 Email
Eszylfie Taylor The Taylor Method Pasadena Jan 12, 2005 Email
Exaltacion Cutright Ecospan Stevenson Ranch May 18, 2022 Email
Frederick Howarth TBG West Culver City Jan 01, 1989 Email
Gary Gundell Gundell Financial Services Oak Park CLU|ChFC Jan 01, 1978 Email
Gary Farr Farr & Associates Ventura CLU Jan 01, 1959 Email
George Nelson New York Life Venice Dec 01, 2008 Email
George Geldin Geldin Insurance Services Oak Park RHU|LUTCF Jan 01, 1996 Email
Gerald Kouzmanoff Redondo Beach ChFC|CLU Jan 01, 1967 Email
Gilbert Mares Gilbert Mares Associates, Inc San Marino LUTCF Jan 01, 1976 Email
Glen Farr Farr & Associates Ventura Jan 01, 1982 Email
Glenn Crawford Signature Resources Pasadena CDFA Jun 30, 2015 Email
Gordon Colburn Gordon T. Colburn San Dimas RHU Jan 01, 1982 Email
Grace Schwartz New York Life Glendale May 09, 2014 Email
Grant Fraser Mass Mutual Beverly Hills CLU|ChFC Jan 01, 1984 Email
Gregory Robinson Robinson Insurance Benefits Thousand Oaks Apr 06, 1997 Email
Guy Baker Wealth Teams Alliance Irvine CLU Jan 01, 1970 Email
Hans Ludders New York Life Los Angeles Jun 30, 2010 Email
Helen Yoo NYL Los Angeles Mar 09, 2010 Email
Hernan Molina New York Life Glendale Dec 15, 2021 Email
Hye Won New York Life Los Angeles Apr 07, 2010 Email
Ibarra De Leon One Pacific Financial Strategies Irvine Sep 25, 2015 Email
Im Cho Equitable Advisors Los Angeles Jan 01, 1983 Email
Jacqueline Leal Aug 02, 2022 Email
James Friedman Cetera Advisor Networks Llc Ventura ChFC|CLU Jan 01, 1978 Email
Jason Min New York Life/LAGO Los Angeles Jul 10, 2003 Email
Jeannie Tupas Wilshire Group Financial Services Panorama City Jun 30, 2015 Email
Jeffrey Ransenberg New York Life Westlake Village LUTCF Nov 16, 1999 Email
Jeffrey Serafine SFI Solutions, Inc. Santa Clarita Feb 01, 2017 Email
Jennifer Row New York Life Los Angeles Sep 26, 2008 Email
Jerrold Smith Equitable Advisors Century City Jan 01, 1989 Email
Jerrold Cherry New York Life Thousand Oaks CLU|ChFC Jan 01, 1975 Email
Jerry Soni Soni Financial & Insurance Solutions Woodland Hills MS|PFP Mar 20, 2000 Email
Joanna Dellosa WG Financial Services Los Angeles LACP|LUTCF|FSS Aug 20, 2012 Email
Jodi Rosenbloom Studio City CLU|ChFC|CLTC Jan 01, 1988 Email
Joel King MassMutual Pacific Coast/Signature Resources Pasadena Oct 05, 2020 Email
John Brown J. Gregory Brown Insurance Services Los Angeles Jan 01, 1986 Email
John Vogelzang Cal-Surance Benefit Plans, Inc. Torrance LUTCF Jan 01, 1992 Email
John Mullins Santa Monica Nov 05, 2007 Email
John Davidson Davidson Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. Moorpark LUTCF|FSS Jan 01, 1982 Email
John Hansbrough The LBL Group Santa Ana LACP|CEBS Jun 05, 2014 Email
Jonathan Gotz Gotz Insurance Agency, Inc. Long Beach Jan 01, 1985 Email
Jonathon Devase DeVase Financial Los Angeles Dec 30, 2019 Email
Jooeun Lee New York Life Insurance CO & NYLIFE Securities Los Angeles Feb 04, 2022 Email
Jose Rodriguez Optimized Financial and Insurance Services Lakewood Sep 23, 2016 Email
Joshua Rohm New York Life Woodland Hills LUTCF Mar 19, 2001 Email
Jourdan Curry Farmers Insurance & Financial Services Torrance Feb 01, 2021 Email
Joyce Emerson-Greenberg Joyce Emerson-Greenberg State Farm Woodland Hills Nov 20, 2006 Email
Julie Lee New York Life Calabasas Jan 05, 1998 Email
Julio Balleras Carson Jul 30, 2022 Email
Karen Hall Merit Financial Oxnard ChFC|CLU Jan 01, 1982 Email
Karen Dry The Beer Fin. Group Woodland Hills May 19, 2009 Email
Karl Susman Susman Insurance Serv. Los Angeles LUTCF|CIC Jan 03, 2001 Email
Kaye Millard New York Life Woodland Hills Jun 05, 2008 Email
Kelly Smith CapitalSmith Newport Beach CLU|ChFC|RFC Mar 26, 2019 Email
Ken Nooshi San Fernando Valley General Office Woodland Hills Mar 06, 2002 Email
Kenneth Scopp First Financial Resources Los Angeles CFP|CSA Jan 01, 1984 Email
Kimberly Michel MICHEL FINANCIAL GROUP/ Ohio National Los Angeles Jan 01, 1982 Email
Larry Kohm Van Nuys Jan 01, 1977 Email
Larry Lambert The LBL Group - Larry Lambert & Associates Santa Ana CFP|CLU|RFC Jan 01, 1965 Email
Lee Wolfe Woodland Hills Mar 07, 2005 Email
Leisha Willis Leisha Willis State Farm Los Angeles Aug 26, 2021 Email
Leslie Santos Newhall May 26, 2022 Email
Linda Cirincione New York Life Los Angeles Jan 01, 1982 Email
Lisa Vallejo New York Life Los Angeles Oct 24, 2007 Email
Lisa DiBugnara Innovative Solutions Insurance Services Jan 28, 2021 Email
Lynn Newman Los Angeles 60 Los Angeles CFP Jan 01, 1990 Email
Lynne Gilbert Innovative Solutions Insurance Services,LLC El Segundo Jan 01, 1990 Email
Manuel Ramos PSP Financial Group Inc. Downey LUTCF|CES|CSA Jan 01, 1990 Email
Marc Maretsky Personal Insurance Services Beverly Hills Jan 01, 1980 Email
Maria Ritter North Hollywood Mar 03, 2020 Email
Mark Winter Pacific Life Westlake Village ChFC|CLU Jan 01, 1984 Email
Mark Kelsey Kelsey National Corp Los Angeles Jan 01, 1985 Email
Martha Shanks Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation San Gabriel Aug 27, 2020 Email
Martin Mitnick Acrisure Of California Llc Los Angeles CLU Jan 01, 1971 Email
Masis Degbashyan New York Life Glendale Mar 08, 2010 Email
Matthew Steiger City National Bank Beverly Hills LUTCF|AIF Jun 11, 2014 Email
Matthew Plocher Northwestern Mutual Los Angeles CLU|ChFC Oct 01, 1996 Email
Max Merrill Bryson Financial Long Beach Apr 12, 2021 Email
Mehrdad Taghdiri Insurance Resources Group Beverly Hills CFP Jan 01, 1984 Email
Melissa Gregorius Bryson Financial Long Beach Jan 14, 2020 Email
Michael Anderson New York Life Thousand Oaks CFP Mar 04, 1998 Email
Michael Delaney MCD Insurance Agency Torrance LUTCF Jan 01, 1993 Email
Michael Bornstein El Segundo Dec 09, 2020 Email
Michael Sangervasi Hacienda Heights Sep 30, 2020 Email
Michael Mares Gilbert Z. Mares & Associates, Inc. San Marino Jun 26, 2006 Email
Michael Dixon Performance Financial Group Westlake Village CLU Jan 01, 1975 Email
Michael Veta LTCR Pacific Agency westlake village Jan 18, 2006 Email
Mitchell Rosenberg New York Life Thousand Oaks MSFS|CPA Jan 01, 1986 Email
Monte Merken Merken Insurance Services West Hills LUTCF Oct 05, 2006 Email
My Nguyen New York Life San Jose Mar 10, 2010 Email
Myung Lee New York Life Los Angeles MS Aug 01, 2006 Email
Naomi Hampton Irvine Mar 16, 2022 Email
Nelson Merwitzer Merwitzer Insurance Solutioins Pacific Palisades CLU|ChFC Apr 30, 1998 Email
Patrick Carroll TCIG Pacific Insurance Services Westlake Village CLU Sep 30, 2003 Email
Patrick Lufrano Farmers Insurance Group Northridge Feb 13, 2012 Email
Paul Glass Glass Insurance Services Studio CLTC|CAP|CLU Jan 01, 1971 Email
Paul Sitar Dibroker West Long Beach Oct 16, 2012 Email
Peter Lavares WG Financial Services, LLC Los Angeles LACP|LUTCF Jan 01, 1995 Email
Peter Buechler Cohesive Insurance Services Orange CFP|ChFC|CLU|FLMI Jun 28, 2002 Email
Peter Friedman Friedman & Associates Inc. Culver City CLU Jan 01, 1983 Email
Peter Smith MassMutual Irvine ChFC|CLU Sep 15, 2014 Email
Peyman Cohan Pacific Advisors Beverly Hills JD Sep 09, 2013 Email
Rahim Solehdin New York Life Woodland Hills Nov 04, 2014 Email
Richard Beckey Transamerica Insurance & Investment Group Greeley LUTCF|ChFC|CLU Jan 01, 1982 Email
Richard Linsday LPL Financial San Clemente AEP|APMA|ChFC|CLU Jan 01, 1973 Email
Richard Werner New York Life Woodland Hills Jan 01, 1977 Email
Rob Meroth Palos Verdes Estates Feb 04, 2022 Email
Robert Smith MassMutual Financial Group Beverly Hills CLTC|ChFC|CLU|RICP Jan 01, 1989 Email
Robert Green Beverly Hills Jan 01, 1979 Email
Robert Bagdasarian Bagdasarian Insurance Group, Inc. Los Angeles Jan 01, 1991 Email
Robert Gillespie The Beer Financial Group Covina CLTC|CASL|ChFC|CLU Aug 11, 2008 Email
Samantha Jackson-Kittle Greater Pacific Los Angeles LUTCF|CLTC Aug 22, 2011 Email
Satish Patel New York Life Los Angeles Jan 01, 1993 Email
Scott Alexander New York Life Valencia Jan 01, 1995 Email
Sevan Keshishian New York Life Glendale Jan 04, 2011 Email
Shana Kang NYL Los Angeles May 04, 2010 Email
Shane Valdez New York Life Brea Feb 26, 2021 Email
Shawn Mackey Northwestern Mutual Irvine ChFC|CLU Jan 01, 1988 Email
Simon Singer Encino CFP|CAP|RFC Jan 01, 1979 Email
Stan Israel Stan Israel Insurance Services, Inc. Agoura Hills Oct 04, 2018 Email
Stephen Dill New York Life Palmdale CLU Jan 01, 1979 Email
Stephen Murphy Malibu Life Agency Malibu Oct 23, 2019 Email
Stephen Lalli Torrance Aug 29, 2019 Email
Steven Steele Agoura Hills CLU Jan 01, 1980 Email
Steven Frank Pacific Southwest Financial Sherman Oaks CLU Jan 01, 1969 Email
Steven Holtz Holtz Insurance Services Beverly Hills CLU|CFP Jan 01, 1978 Email
Stuart Raffel Ameritas Beverly Hills CLU|CPC Jan 01, 1970 Email
Sun Lee New York Life Los Angeles PhD Mar 17, 2009 Email
Susan Chung Equitable Advisors Los Angeles CLU Jan 04, 2000 Email
Suzanne Matheson HUB International Ltd. Santa Monica AAI Jan 11, 2007 Email
Tafa Jefferson Amada Senior Care San Clemente Nov 25, 2019 Email
Tamar Injeyan NYL Glendale Apr 04, 2012 Email
Tamara Heinig Canoga Park Feb 24, 2022 Email
Thomas Kim New York Life - Thomas Kim Los Angeles LUTCF Jan 01, 1975 Email
Thomas Michel Michel Financial Group Los Angeles LACP|CLTC Jan 01, 1986 Email
Tigran Basmadjyan New York Life Glendale Jun 30, 2007 Email
Timothy Collins New York Life LaCrescenta CLU|ChFC Jan 01, 1977 Email
Todd Gindy The Beer Financial Group Woodland Hills Jan 01, 1993 Email
Tony Schlossmann Wendell Ins. and Fin. Srvcs. La Quinta LUTCF Jan 01, 1982 Email
Trent Bryson Bryson Financial Long Beach CFP May 28, 2002 Email
Trey Melson Trey Melson, State Farm Agent Glendale May 05, 2020 Email
Ursula Madlaing New York Life San Jose Mar 09, 2010 Email
Valentino Scott VS Assoc. Financial Services West Hills Jan 01, 1977 Email
Vincent Vartanian Vincent V Vartanian SIMI VALLEY May 25, 2022 Email
William Larsen MassMutual Greater Los Angeles Westlake Village Jan 27, 2020 Email
William Foudy Foudy Ins. Agencies, Inc Los Angeles Jan 01, 1977 Email
William Wright Financial Professionals Group, Inc. Meridian Jun 14, 2019 Email
Yitskhaq Abraham WFG Torrance Apr 09, 2022 Email
Yonghwa Lee New York Life Los Angeles Aug 01, 2009 Email
Yvonne Caturegli California Health Benefit Exchange Glendale May 07, 2020 Email